Bottomless Studio: The Works of John Linton Roberson
presents John Linton Roberson's VITRIOL a graphic novel by John Linton Roberson
a tale of Love, Art & Explosives.

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chapter one.
Sex Is Violence
chapter two.
Girls Without Skin
chapter three.
Don't Talk To Me About Being Alone
chapter four.
Sorry, Right Number
chapter five.
Don't Stand So Close To Me
chapter six.
Train In Vain
chapter seven.
One Of These Days
chapter eight.
The Executioner's Daughter
chapter nine.
And She Was
chapter ten.
I Fell For You, Baby, Like A Bomb
chapter eleven.
Goin' Mobile
chapter twelve.
The Original Miss Jesus
All contents copyright 1997-2003 John Linton Roberson.
All rights reserved. Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited.